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Dear Aashiqane Khwaja

Assallam – O – Alaikum

may shower HIS choicest blessings & happiness on you & your family.
Rare are the moments in history of mankind that when HE manifests & unfolds HIS sovereignity & benign presence in physical & material form . Rare are the moments when a SAINT gets HIS ALL BLESSINGS . KHWAJA GHARIB NAWAZ is such an APOSTLE who has been helping people , be a king or poor during the last eight hundred years in & through their distress , be it physical or mental or spiritual . I a humle Khadim , on behalf of the distressed people solemnly say prayers to the KHWAJA GHARIB NAWAZ , thus helping them to get out of personal problems & set in their well beings.

MAN IS INFIRM & WEAK . He tries to get rid of his wordly problems & thus generally finds himself in clutches of frauds,quacks & the like wicked persons such as Fakirs , Peers or Maulanas.They are genuinely not intrested in your well-being but extract huge sums of money by show off .

My forefathers being true disciples of  HAZRAT KHWAJA GHARIB NAWAZ have helped people all over the world since last eight hundred years through prayers , Amal ,Tawiz & personal guidance & now i’m doing this good deed without any cost.

If you or your family member or relative is in trouble & face any problem, you just need to pen-down or call me.I will do all to help through SPECIAL PRAYERS at the HOLY MAZAR SHARIF of KHWAJA SAHIB & through AMAL & TAWIZ .I need not to stress the great powers of PRAYERS .

Rings , Stones , Darbari Photos , Taweez , Naqsh (Nazar ka Taweez ) are available.

Gaddinashin & Mujawar Khwaja Gharib Nawaz

Syed Qutbuddin Sakhi

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Syed Qutbuddin Sakhi

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