Dear Aashiqane Khwaja

Assallam – O – Alaikum

may shower HIS choicest blessings & happiness on you & your family.
Rare are the moments in history of mankind that when HE manifests & unfolds HIS sovereignity & benign presence in physical & material form . Rare are the moments when a SAINT gets HIS ALL BLESSINGS . KHWAJA GHARIB NAWAZ is such an APOSTLE who has been helping people , be a king or poor during the last eight hundred years in & through their distress , be it physical or mental or spiritual . I a humle Khadim , on behalf of the distressed people solemnly say prayers to the KHWAJA GHARIB NAWAZ , thus helping them to get out of personal problems & set in their well beings.
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Mission Khidmat Offering Arrival Ethical
This website deals with the all absorbing life inspiring, saying,
interesting discovers and stimulating tours and travels of the great
Who came to India as the harbinger of peace and humanism and as an
ambassador of unity and goodwill, who ultimately came to be identified
This ceremony is performed twice,once early
in the morning about 4.00 a.m.and other at 3.00 p.m in noon. There is slight difference between the
two Khid mats.At the Morning it is performed for about an hour before the Fajar
prayer.At this time, the main entrance of the Shrine which is closed late at
night is opened, by calling Azan,

Dear Devotees,

We feel happy to announce that from now on you can send your offerings
direct to dargah Sharif by clicking a mouse via cridet card or debit
cards. Now you can offer flowers, chaddar, Attar and Incense
in the Dargah sharif of Hazrat Khawaja Gharib Nawaz r.a. Also you
can feed people , we can arrange the cooking in behalf of you and
distribute to the people in dargahsharif.


Arrival, Preaching And Miracles“The seer by devotion and contemplation, prepared himself for the duties
of Guide and Leader to mankind but when there comes the clear call, he
must stand forth and proclaim the Message, in purity unselfish devotion
and patient long suffering; to save men the distress of the Final Day. For
Manu there be who glory in life of ease and plenty.
Gharibnawaz(R.A) Gems of WisdomHere are some of the sacred sayings of Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin.The intervening period of seven long centuries has not,in any way, affected their ever-lasting efficacy and value.

I personally invite you to celebrate functions & ceremonies of Dargah Sharif with me by attending the Holy Shrine programs .
My forefathers being true disciples of HAZRAT KHWAJA GHARIB NAWAZ have helped people all over the world since last eight hundred years through prayers , Amal ,Tawiz & personal guidance & now i’m doing this good deed without any cost.
You, your freinds or relatives can contribute in following account for Chadar of Darbar, Flowers, Deg (Langar) and Nazar-o-Niyaz etc

Name: Syed Qutbuddin Sakhi
ICICI Bank, Ajmer (India)
A/c No 018501533158
IFSC Code:ICICI000185,
Micro Code: 305229002

Qutbuddin Sakhi